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While 1,500 protested against Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley in February, attendance at similar protests waned over the course of last semester, as they increasingly devolved into street fights between far right thugs and masked antifascists. After a year of right wing provocations under the false guise of free speech, the Aug. 27 demonstrations against hate represented a successful turn of tables in favor of progressive protest..

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The members of Metalwood, described as “Canada’s premier electric jazz band,” have much to be proud of. The group earned consecutive Juno Awards for Best Contemporary Jazz Album for its first two releases, 1997’s Metalwood and 1998’s Metalwood 2, inspired by the likes of Miles Davis and Weather Report. They’ve also had many opportunities to tour internationally as well as record..

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A: “Again, with Russell he’s a founding member of the organization as well. The same efforts and beliefs of trying to build an organization that is synonymous with Oklahoma but also helps personify the personalities and type of people who wear our jersey, that we hope is one and the same. And we really are excited, and blessed, about the fact that Russell Westbrook is the bedrock of a team that has lost an important team member..

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But I’ve seen, when I go do a show, that maybe 60 percent of the audience is straight! Because they’ve seen you on television and they saw that, yes, I’m a monster in drag, but they see this human side of you. It’s kind of humanized drag queens in general. It’s made it easier to go into their homes, with a television show, so it’s made us a little more accepted.